Why Wall 4 Sports?

Covered or Uncovered, your choice !

More Focus

The presence of 4 walls all round helps kids and adults (specially kids) to remain more focused on the game than they will in a place that does not have any boundaries. This characteristic is of high


More Intensity

By adding the 4 walls all round every game has an increase off speed and intensity because the ball does not go out has on a normal sport court. This gives more playing time has it reduces drastically the “dead time” that normally occurs when normal Sports are played


Our Wall4Sports Arenas are made of structural aluminium profile that has a limited warranty of 15 years against corrosion


Reduced Space

Our Wall4Sports Arenas (except covered) are made of structural aluminium profile that has a limited warranty of 15 years against corrosion

Really Multi Sport

A really Multi Sports space that adds value to the way common Sports are normally played, and that can be your outdoor/indoor class room for every Team Sport or individual Sport. Prepared to easily and fast adapt to net, ring, goal sports in a matter of seconds


Fully Portable

Our entire structure can be easily assembled and disassembled in one day work and you can use it whenever you want having a flat hard base to install it, even for a temporary event. This portable advantage is great because it protects your investment has your Wall4Sports Arena can always be removed and installed somewhere else has you desire, instead of being a structure done in place that you can not remove


Fully Customized

From the aluminium structure, passing trough the lateral panels, surface, etc.. everything is fully customizable. From the colour to, fully rebranding everything is possible

Helps Game Happen

Wall4Sports arenas needs a lower quorum of people to a match to happen, than conventional Sports. When was the last time you couldn’t play your Sport because its was difficult to find 10 or more people to go and play with you?
With Wall4Sports you need less players to play your Sport