The Concept

Wall4Sports concept is the integration of the walls as an intervinient part of the game.

By adding this element to the normal Sports equation you will gain:

More intensity of the games/cuts off dead times (the ball does not goes out of the arena)

Adding the Walls to the games, it changes completly the game and tactics demanding for their users to adapt to new game situations (defense/ofense) estimulating the brain to make faste decisions and neuromuscular coordination

Doesn´t need to much space for one court (Standard Version of Sports Tank is 20 x 10mt)

Works like a Magnet to kids

More concentration by being a closed space/Help on Focus (specially for Kids)

Really Multisport Space with more than 30 Sports possible to be played inside of our Arenas

Specific rules adapted for our Arenas play environment

Benefits Kids to easy migrate  to “Mother Sports”

Urban Friendly and appealing