Open Air or Covered, your choice


Made of lacquered structural aluminium profiles with 15 years limited warranty against corrosion


High Resistance Glass Walls

Developed to resist to high impacts (like you can see on this video), our glass walls panels have also high security features to minimize injuries risk


Multi Sports Surfaces

Portable plastic floor with fast draining properties and backed up with 15 years of limited warranty

Multi Sports artificial grass with infill for the ones that just love the looks and the feeling of grass


LED Lights

Long lasting and economy saver solution to lower your electricity costs to the minimum



On the management of Sports Facilities, Human Resources have a big piece of the costs and sometimes make business impossible.

Considering this problem, we developed a system that allows you to run has many facilities you wish that don’t require any physical presence on them to open the door when users come, and to close everything when they leave.

Fully Automated

  • Customers online field reservation and payment platform
  • Users communication, games arrangement, rankings, tournaments management
  • Remote surveillance, system designed not be necessary a person on site to open or close the door
  • Warning sounds and alerts and alarms available on configuration
  • App (coming soon on Android and IOS)


  • Users open doors and goals manually
This system is business enable and helps you lower your investments, if you want to charge for the rental of your space. This happens because in other cases when you would need more than one structure in order to have the human resources cost spread by more than one unit, with our solution you can have 1000 different physical locations and have only one person managing them all.
The booking system can easily be available on your webpage and with the access to internet you can monitor your Sports Structures 24 x7 with a lot of configurations possible.
This is the new wave of Sports Structures management! Are you ready?