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The most small and innovative Multisport facility in the world, that provides more game intensity, options and fun that conventional offer

What is Wall4Sports?

Innovative Sports Concept

Wall4Sports is and innovative and revolutionary concept that uses perimeter walls that allows to play the most know Sports with more intensity, dinamic, more game solutions and....,much more fun

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Is it Urban Friendly?

More Sports, Less Space

The standard dimensions of Wall4SPorts are 20 x 10 mt = 200m2
This means, for example, that on a normal tennis court you can put at least 3 Wall4Sports having more people at the same time, in the same previous space

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Is it really Multisport?

More Sports in only 200m2

Inside Wall4Sports Arenas you can play almost every Sports/Ggames you know and more that you probably still don't know adapted to the lateral walls that are a part of the game play and helps creating more fun

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Why is it more fun?

The lateral perimeter walls secret

The perimeter walls minimize the dead times because ball does not go out and allows to create new game options for players to be more dynamic, intensity and more fun

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Is it a profitable investment?

Multisport, Less Space, More Fun

It is a multisport facility it helps pleasing more people to play on it. Due to be the most small multisports facility in the world you can have more people in less m2 playing same sports they like but with more fun

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Covered or Open Air, you choose!


More Sports & Games

More Intensity and Options


More fun for everyone



Wall4Sports concept is the integration of the walls as an intervinient part of the game.

Why Wall4Sports?

Smallest Multisport Facility in the world

With more than 30 Sports / Games adapted to our structure with patented rules, Wall4sports allows to add value to standard Sports/ like Basketball, Dodge Ball, etc…
All of this in a 20 x 10 mt (200m2) with an appealing design and outstanding urban fit that everyone will be curious about and it will feel like trying it

Leisure or Competition
For all ages

Either if it is for you and your family to have fun playing a game or a Sport, or to play a tournament with your friends to see who´s the best, Wall4sports is there for it.
Due to the walls, Wall4Sports makes games more easy to play because the ball does not go out of boundaries making it possible for people of any age to play inside of it

15 years limited Warranty
portable Structure

Structure made of structural aluminium profiles with 15 years warranty again corrosion. Polypropylene outdoor Sports Floor with 15 years Limited Warranty
Fully portable structure that allows you to easily remove from one to another protecting in this way the investment you make

We Create Fun
The walls -our secret

Perimeter walls give more intensity to the game because the ball does not go out. Also creates more game options by using the walls as a part of the game that stimulates players intelligence and neuromuscular coordination. The result?? More fun




15 Years limited Warranty


No Maintenance Costs



Wall4Sports concept, structure, laws of the game, brand, logos,etc, are fully protected by the laws of patents and brands

Sports & Games

Some Sports & Games that can be played on Wall4Sports


Totally automated System (opcional)
More Focus
More intensity
Reduced Space
Portable structure


A really Multi Sports space that adds value to the way common Sports are normally played, and that can be your outdoor/indoor class room for every Team Sport or individual Sport. Prepared to easily and fast adapt to net, ring, goal sports in a matter of seconds


Our Wall4Sports Arenas are made of structural aluminium profile that has a limited warranty of 15 years against corrosion



Few Space Needed

UniqueMulti Sport offer in the market


Where can i put a Wall4Sports?

Where you have a 200m2 firm and rigid flat base

- Urban Spaces
- Schools
- Sports Facilities already existing
- Hotels
- Sports Clubs Spaces
- Camping facilities
- Backyard
- Private Sports Facilities

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Fully Portable  Sports facility